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Development of technologies

1. Development of end-to-end technologies for manufacturing of equipment work pieces for various machine building sectors related to steel melting, including special electrometallurgy techniques, secondary refining, casting, forging and thermal treatment stages:

  • for nuclear power industry – main circulation piping, steam generating units, pressurizers, main circulation pump, reactor vessels, turbine rotors, turbine casings, shipping package sets;
  • for thermal power sector: rotors and SCP (super critical parameters) pipes, turbine casings;
  • for oil and gas industry – high pressure vessels, shaped casting.

2. Development and justification of the technology for thermal and thermo-chemical treatment of semi-finished products and power equipment, including high-duty equipment and high-pressure vessels.

3. Development of the integrated process for manufacturing of high-strength heatresistant and wear-resistant cast iron.

4. Development of technologies for machining and assembly.

5. Development and justification of welding and surfacing process technologies for thermal and nuclear power plants.

6. Diagnostic and repair & refurbishment works.

7. Development of tooling (melting and auxiliary) required for implementation of modern process technologies for manufacturing of the equipment work pieces (casting, forging, pressing and thermal).

8. Development of software for technological process simulation.

9. Development of technologies for protection and tribotechnical coating by means of vacuum ion plating and gas-thermal evaporation.

10. Development of the metal product additive manufacturing technology using layer- by-layer selective and direct laser melting techniques.

11. Development of new process technologies, design and manufacturing of special tools, devices and jigs for processing of deep holes, coarse pitch thread, slots, controlled machining etc.

12. Materials science and technological follow-up of semi-products of structural elements manufacturing for the VVER-type reactor plants and reactor units functioning on fast neutrons with the liquid metal coolant.