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1. Application of protection, wear-resistant and tribotechnical coatings at the in-house work site. The work site is equipped with its own facilities for application of a wide range of coatings, as well as the equipment for surface preparation and coating quality control.

2. Assembly, adjustment & commissioning of the process vacuum equipment under the Customer’s drawings.

3. Manufacturing of metal prototypes made as per 3D models of the Customer with MeltMaster3D 550 unit.

4. Development of technologies for manufacturing of geometrically complicated critical parts by means of layer-by-layer selective laser melting including micrographic and strength tests.

5. Consulting:

  • in the field of protection, wear-resistant and tribotechnical coatings obtained by means of vacuum ion plating and gas-thermal evaporation; 
  • in the field of equipment selection for degassing and research of gas release from structural materials for the aerospace industry; 
  • in the field of additive manufacturing technologies.