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CNIITMASH and PETROJET signed Memorandum of Understanding

CNIITMASH and PETROJET signed Memorandum of Understanding
Tuesday, 16 April 2019

On 16th of April at AtomExpo 2019 International Forum the State Research Center JSC RPA CNIITMASH and the Petrojet Company, Egypt, have signed Memorandum of Understanding about development of cooperation for execution of nuclear projects in the Middle East and North Africa regions.

In a frame of the said Memorandum Parties will set up the business cooperation in the most suit-able form to support Petrojet involvement in projects of NPP, which are based on Russian design and quality system. It is considered that CNIITMASH will arrange corresponding certification of materials, processes and equipment as well as required accreditation of laboratories and training and examination of operative staff in full compliance with requirements of the applicable Russian standards, Rules and Regulations.

Viktor Orlov, CNIITMASH’s General Director, said: Currently in our State Corporation Rosatom the system and practice of cooperation with foreign subcontractors and subsuppliers is in progress of development and optimization, especially for nuclear projects, executed abroad under Russian Design. Our cooperation with Petrojet will allow to check and optimize our concept for any further partners, subcontractors and subsuppliers for other projects implemented abroad. However, this is not the first experience for us in performing of examination of compliance of foreign materials, equipment and personnel for the Rosatom projects, and we do believe that it can lead to formation of future market of our services offered to our foreign partners.

Petrojet, stated in his turn: The cooperation with ROSATOM’s esteemed enterprises in EL Dabaa NPP project is a priority for Petrojet, not only because it is a basic step to enter the nuclear renaissance, but also due to our commitment to exert all efforts to achieve the success of this significant national project, being the largest state-owned joint-stock company and the leading in terms of accreditation with Nuclear Stamps in the Egyptian construction market. We expect a significant added value from CNIITMASH to assist Petrojet utilizing its manufacturing and construction capabilities for the benefit of EL Dabaa and other ROSATOM’s NPP projects around the world.

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