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Independent authority for personnel attestation in the field of destructive and non-destructive control (Personnel Attestation Centre “AUC CNIITMASH ”).

The License for certification of personnel obtained from Rostechnadzor:

  • Accreditation certificate № NOAP-0017.
  • Federal Inspectorate of Russia for Nuclear and Radiation Safety letter (GAN) № 8–11/332 dated 21.09.2000.
  • Letter of Acknowledgement of Attestation Authority (№CA10414483 dated 02.08.2010).
  • Procedure of the personnel attestation is set in the document PB 03-440-02 “Attestation rules for nondestructive inspection personnel” and SDA-24 “Attestation rules for test laboratory personnel”.
  • Attestation is carried out for destructive and non-destructive testing.

The attestation of inspectors is carried out:

  • in the field of equipment control subordinated to the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision;
  • for Level I – ex right of issuing an examination conclusion;
  • for Level II – cum right of issuing an examination conclusion;
  • for Level III – cum right of personnel attestation;
  • in the field of nuclear power equipment and piping monitoring;
  • BPVZ – ex right of issuing an examination conclusion;
  • SPVZ – cum right of issuing an examination conclusion;
  • SPA – cum right of personnel attestation.

Training and attestation of welders and specialists.

1. Organization of training, qualification upgrading courses for welders and welding experts for nuclear power industry and other industry sectors, including the technique WorldSkills.

2. Attestation of welders, welding experts, process technologies, welding materials in accordance with the requirements of reference documents applicable in the nuclear power industry.