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Central Test Laboratory

Test Center “Centralnaya Ispytatelnaya Laboratoriya” (Central Test Laboratory):

1. Long time creep-rupture strength of metals in accordance to GOST 10105‑84 in a wide temperature range from 400 to 1000°С including the heat resistance characterization and issuance of conclusions on long-term strength guarantees.

2. Long-time creep of metals and alloys according to GOST 3248-84 including provision of creep curves and plotting of isochronous creep curves.

3. Tension testing at room and elevated temperatures according to GOST 1497-84. The maximum load is 4 tons.

4. Fatigue and crack resistance testing of metals and alloys according to GOST 25.502- 79 and GOST 25.506-85, including in the conditions of supercritical parameters in the autoclave system.

5. Implementation of thermal aging of metals and alloys at temperatures from 350°С to 1000°С and duration up to 10000 hours and longer.

6. Implementation of thermal aging as per thermal-cycle schedules, the number of cycles is up to 1000.

7. Heat treatment (normalizing, annealing, tempering, quenching) at temperature from 400 to 1200°С including issuance of temperature charts.

8. Measurements of metal and alloys hardness of by means of Brinell and Vickers method.