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Welding Technological Centre

1. Development of new process technologies of welding, surfacing and special hightech next-generation welding consumables, reduction of welding cost, including those in the field conditions.

2. Development of new and selection of existing foreign and domestic units, machinery and jigging for the purpose of development of the specialized welding equipment for welding and surfacing of critical structures.

3. Experimental research for the purpose of justification of the possibility to use new process technologies for welding and depositing at manufacturing of the equipment for NPP.

4. Development of the documents justifying automatic welding and surfacing technology application.

5. Engineering in the field of welding production and local heat treatment of welded structures.


Facultative certification services for the following facilities:

  • welding products;
  • welding processes;
  • personnel involved in the welding process;
  • quality management system.