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RF State Research Centre JSC “RPA “CNIITMASH”


By Order No. 508 of All-Soviet Union Council of National Economy an independent Scientific Research Institute of Machine Building (NIIMash) was established on the basis of Moscow department of Leningrad Institute of Metals.


By Resolution No. 480 of All-Soviet Union Council of National Economy the Institute was approved as a Central Scientific Research Institute of Machine Building and Metalworking. 


A sculptural group "Worker and Collective Farmer" upon Vera Mukhina’s project for the World Exhibition in Paris and the Kremlin stars were made on the instructions of the Government.


By the Oder of Machine Building National Commissar, CNIITMASH was consolidated with ORGAMETALL, a state organization for maximization of efficiency and productivity in machine-building and metalworking sectors. CNIITMASH was approved as a Central Scientific Research Institute of Technologies and Machine-Building and became a leading machine-building institute.


CNIITMASH worked for military defense solving scientific and technical issues of tanks, artillery systems, ammunition and small arms manufacturing. The pilot plant was switched to fabrication of military defense products. After the Second World War CNIITMASH focused on heavy, power and transport machine building dealing with the complex problems of large-size specifically designed machinery and package unit development.


 A Central Design Bureau of Metallurgical Machinery (TsKBMM) was set up in CNIITMASH and further, in 1959, was reorganized into the All-Soviet Union Scientific Research Institute of Metallurgical Machine Building (VNIIMETMASH).


CNIITMASH participated in setting up of the Union Institute ORGTYAZHMASH, reorganized in 1956 into the All-Union Design and Technology Institute of Heavy Machinery, as well as specialized institutions: VNIIPTMASH, NIIPGORMASH, NIITYAZHMASH and other institutions.


1956 — 1976

CNIITMASH invented new and improved materials for enhancement of performance characteristics, quality and reliability of power equipment; fundamentally new and improved process technologies of advanced large size power equipment manufacturing; process equipment for introduction of advanced process technologies and automation; new methods and techniques of metrological and non-destructive testing, methods and techniques of strength analysis of materials and critical structures.



By the Order of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR, CNIITMASH was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.  CNIITMASH was assigned the functions of the parent organization for development of materials, process technology and quality control methods of nuclear power plant equipment manufacturing. By Minister’s Order No. 176 dated 09.07Л976. CNIITMASH was reorganized into a Research and Production Association for Machine Building Technologies.



By ResolutionNo.861 of the Government CNIITMASH is assigned a status of a State Research Center of the Russian Federation. The outstanding scholars, Academicians I.I.Artobolevsky, S.L. Sobolev,  E.O. Paton, G.A. Nikolaev, A.I. Tselikov; Associate Member of the Academy of Sciences I.A. Oding, V.S. Yemelyanov, Y.A. Chudakov,  N.N. Zorev, Professors N.S. Akulov, N.P. Bukhgolp, V.P. Vologdin, N.V. Geveling, V.V. Golubev, K.F. Grachev, S.O. Dobrogursky, L.B. Levenson, Y.P. Unksov, P.N. Lvov, S.V. Serensen, Y.Y. Farafonov, N.P. Chizhevsky, K.V. Lubavsky, A.S. Gelman, Mirkin, A.P. Gulyaev, N.V. Kudryavtsev and many others worked in CNIITMASH.


ResearchInstitute Today

1. Presently material research, development of technologies and equipment are carried out throughout the entire process cycle:  starting with steel making and casting to welding and finishing. The computer simulation is widely used in technological works. A reach database is built for materials and processing modes. The Centre research base includes departments and laboratories equipped with the up-to-date equipment for comprehensive research of material and structure properties. The pilot plant makes it possible to manufacture the instruments and process equipment developed by CNIITMASH.

2. The Institute is a winner of numerous international exhibition awards and prizes, in Geneva in 1998 and Brussels (Evrica’97) among them.

3. The main customers of CNIITMASH are the plants of machine building and power division of the national corporation Rosatom.

4. The Institute collaborates with a number of Russian higher education institutions.  The affiliated departments of National University of Science and Technology (NUST MISIS) and Moscow State Technological University STANKIN function in CNIITMASH.

5. The Institute maintains close contacts with a variety of foreign organizations, particularly with IAEA, International Institute of Welding, International Engineering Academy and International Forum for Non-Destructive Testing, Caster Technical Associates Committee, and participates in implementation of a number of the international projects.


Development of Critical Technologies the Centre is focused on 

The Institute is focused on solution of complex problems related to manufacturing of tailor-maid equipment intended for operation in extreme conditions. The ability to solve complex problems is based on the leading positions of CNIITMASH in material science, casting, metal forming, welding, cold metal working, non-destructive testing, strength calculations, and other areas. Process technologies, materials, instruments and equipment developed in CNIITMASH are extensively applied in heavy, power, transport and chemical engineering, oil and gas industry and construction ensuring technical progress in the national economy and the economic independence of Russia from the developed countries. The Institute develops new technologies, instruments and equipment basing on in-depth fundamental and applied research carried out with the support and assistance of the government executive authorities and especially of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Russian Federation that provided funding for a significant portion of performed work described above.